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Naturally the photographic references you supply will need to be of similar quality to those required for a formal portrait.

Currently my most popular caricature style is based on the concept of a lifelike portrait head allied to a cartoon body drawn in an environment filled with as many of the enthusiasms, hobbies, secret enthusiasms, lifestyle choices and deliciously awkward moments from your 'victim's' life that you can envisage and room can be found for.

To achieve the quality and speed of production, which keeps my prices so competitive, I find it helpful to produce my original artwork on transluscent substrates that allow me to build up colour intensity and texture by working on both front and back surfaces.

This medium is not, in itself, suitable for mounting or framing. So the finished caricature is supplied in the form of a high quality colour laser print in A3 size.

The original is kept on file so that you may order further prints (at any size up to and including A3) should you require them for items such as cards, notepaper or invitations.


For single subjects there are just two prices to be aware of:


Black and White...........£75.00

Prices for multiple caricatures are subject to negotiation dependant on the numbers involved.  

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Marriage Caricature


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