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I have been in the art business since I was six years old. My father was an Illustrator and commercial artist and I began my initial art training by ‘helping’ in his studio during that far off summer.

I was even given my very first brush and something called a dustpan to go with it.

In my late teens I broadened my horizons by enrolling first at Ealing Art College and subsequently at Twickenham School of Art.

Taking courses in painting, drawing, sculpture, calligraphy, printmaking, partying, illustration and graphic design.  Using those precious few years to refine and experiment with many different drawing and painting styles.

The next three decades were spent working in

almost every available discipline in the art, graphics, interior design, television, advertising, design and exhibition industries, while continuing to practise as

a freelance portrait artist, illustrator and calligrapher.

But once my children fled the nest I was able to relax

a little and concentrate purely on the freelance work.

Now I can indulge in portraits, calligraphy, illustrations and caricatures to my heart’s content.  

Or for as long as you keep  commissioning them.

And you were going to do that anyway - weren’t you?


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