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Portrait Gallery

Moody - Black Watercolour Pencil

Toni & John - Acrylics on Canvas

Siblings - Black, Brown and White Conte on grey Ingres paper

Diana - Black Watercolour Pencil

New Boy - Graphite Pencil

Fitz - Soft Pastels on coloured paper

Old Soldier - Oil on Canvas, double framed

Jock - Black

Watercolour Pencil

King Charles - Soft Pastels on coloured Ingres paper


Colour Pencils

Old Man - Brown and White Conte on coloured stock


Black Watercolour Pencil

Sisters - Sanguine on Bristol Board

Mum - Colour Pencils

Happy Couple on their Wedding Day - Black Watercolour Pencil

One Year on, Grandma with Baby

Golden Retriever

Hard Pastel Pencils on coloured ingres paper

That Smile

Black Watercolour Pencil

Wedding Guests - Watercolour Pencils


Soft Pastels over Watercolour Wash

The Brothers - Black Watercolour Pencil


Soft Pastels

Engaged - Black, White and Brown Conte Crayon

On a tinted Ingres paper


Black Watercolour Pencil

Mummy’s Little Helpers

Soft Pastels on tinted Ingres paper

The Twins - Graphite Pencil


Acrylics on Canvas

Dad’s Tribe - Colour Pencils

Ravi’s Mum

Black, White and Red Conte Crayon on tinted Ingres paper

Man and Motor

Black Watercolour Pencil

Change of Mood

Black Watercolour


Mother and Daughter

Graphite Pencil

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